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New event in Southfield leaves the Wahoos feeling great!

8 September 2010

The Stars get the ball in play and the trees await the result

    The 28 August match between the Wyandotte Stars and the Wahoo’s of Royal Oak, was played at the Southfield, Michigan inaugural Autumn Festival. It was a pleasant day, with more trees in attendance, (especially left field), than cranks. After the removal of a couple wagons, and tents that were in the area of play, the match proceeded.

    Both Clubs tallied 1 ace in the very 1st inning, in what was expected to be a close, hard fought, and

Splinter, Mallet, Hammer, Spatz and the gang cheer on the striker

very evenly matched game. The Wahoo’s tallied 4 in their turn striking in the 2nd, then held the Stars to nothing, taking a 5-1 lead. In the 3rd inning the club from Wyandotte tallied 1, then 2 more in the 4th to close the gap at 5-4. Neither “nines” tallied in the 5th inning because of some fine plays in the field, to keep the count the same.

    Starting off the 6th inning, the Royal Oak club once again tallied 4, to regain a further lead. But the Wyandotte gents finished the inning with 3 aces of their own to make the count 9-7 after 6. More well played catches, and the trees, kept the score the same through the 7th inning. With the Wahoo’s feeling the Stars close behind, they struck well to earn 2 more tallies in the 8th inning, increasing their lead to 11-7. Despite some more fine striking by both Clubs,

We also had to chase balls onto the 'boulevard'...horseless carriages crushed at least one!

defense, (and did I mention the trees) prevailed the rest of the match, and the Final count ended at 11-7 in favor of the Wahoo’s.

    Both Clubs thank the fine City of Southfield for hosting the match, and the Wahoo’s thank the Stars for making the trip, and the excellent, gentlemanly game.


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