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2010 Game One summary!

Stonehands strikes a pose as the umpire observes


Opening Day for both The Wahoo Base Ball Club of Royal Oak and the fine host Rochester Grangers took place at Van Hoosen Farm on Saturday May 15, 2010. It was a pleasant, mostly sunny day, which brought out a good number of enthusiastic cranks. 

The Wahoos await their turns as they cheer on their mates


    The Grangers started out the 1st inning with 3 aces tallied, and the Wahoo’s matched this number in the 2nd half of the inning. The Home Club continued to strike well for most of the match, with tallies counted in at least 5 innings. The Wahoo’s struck fairly well, with many balls hit hard right at the Rochester fielders. Both Clubs had players make some fine plays which led to some scoreless innings on both sides.  

Foghorn stands there like a house by the side of the road


Despite being behind most of the match, The Wahoo’s didn’t give up, and tallied a few aces in the last 2 innings of the game but came up short in the 20 – 8 Grangers victory. Overall it was a well played 1st Match of the Season, the 2 Clubs will meet again on October 2nd, at Royal Oak.


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