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Wagons ho! Glad to be out of Midland!

28 September 2010

Just as the long wagon ride was coming to an end, and the Wahoo’s arrived in Midland on 11 September, for their match with the Mighty River Hogs, the skies began to drip. The match started as the rain fell with a little more authority.

Rain rain rain

     The match was started with what could be simarily described as a ball made of a sock filled with sand. One of the worst excuses for a Base Ball this writer has ever seen.
     The River Hogs took an early lead, and the Wahoo’s continued to leave many on the sacks without much tallying. The rain continued to fall quite steadily throughout the match, and all the ballists and both cranks were well soaked. The ball, which started out in very poor condition, now had the wetness, weight, and texture of a fresh “road apple”, much like the ones we saw left by the horses on our wagon ride to the game.
      More muffs than usual were made by the Visitor Wahoo’s, and the tally count continued to mount against them. Finally after playing in the rain for nearly 2 hours, the match mercifully came to an end. The final tally count was won by the River Hogs by an amount that cannot be tastefully reported. A wetter game of Base Ball, I have never seen.


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