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September rolls on for the Wahoos!

20 October 2010

 The Wahoo’s made their way out to the peaceful little town of Tipton, MI. this fine 18 September day, to take on The Walker Tavern Wheels of Adrian at the beautiful Hidden Lake Gardens. It was a pleasant day for a Base Ball match.

     “Right out of the barn”, the Wheels took an early lead with 3 aces tallied in the very 1st inning, to the Wahoo’s goose egg. The Royal Oak Club tallied their first ace in the 3rd inning, but trailed 5-1 at that point. The visitors were leaving a number of men on the sacks nearly every inning, and played like they had been chopping wood all day.

      The “nines” from Adrian continued to strike well and continued to tally aces faster and more often than their opponents. They scored in 4 out of 9 innings total. The Wahoo’s did not strike well and only had 3, 1 tally innings in all. They played OK in the field, but the final count for the match left them behind 13-3.

      A fine meal was served by The Walker Tavern Wheels, who are always excellent hosts. The Royal Oak “nines” always enjoy seeing these very fine Gentlemen.
     The Wahoo’s of Royal Oak ended their long road trip this day, 25 September, and were very happy to return to their friendly Home field at Starr/ Jaycee Park.

Ready to strike!

     It was a great afternoon for Base Ball, and providing the worthy opposition for the Home club was the Black Swamp Frogs of Sylvania, Ohio.
     The Wahoo’s started out being somewhat rude to their guests by tallying 6 aces in the 1st inning. This was after The Frogs had put 1 tally on the board for a brief lead. The “nines” from Ohio continued to tally 3 more aces in the 2nd inning, and 1 in the 3rd to close the gap to 6-5.

Spatz eyes home plate (again)

     But in their turn with the lumber, in the 3rd inning, the Home Gentlemen struck well and scored 4 tallies to stretch their advantage to 10-5. They continued to hold the Black Swamp Frogs to 0 aces in the 4th, while scoring 4 more aces for a 14-5 lead. After a single tally by the Wahoo’s, the count was 15-5 through 6 innings.

Preacher strikes a pose and Foghorn stands still so as not to disturb

     The Gents from Sylvania never gave up, despite being shorthanded for the match. They tallied 1 ace in the 7th, 1 in the 8th, and 2 in the 9th inning, but the Royal Oak Club struck for 7 more tallies in the last 2 innings to make the final count 22-9.
     The Wahoo’s thank the fine Gentlemen from Ohio for making the long trip, and look forward to a couple more exciting matches next season. Huzzah to the Black Swamp Frogs !


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