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And the Silas Pierce Cup goes to….someone else!

Seeking shade in the heat of the day

The Wahoo Base Ball Club had the pleasure of partaking in the very Gentlemanly competition with several other fine Clubs, this Saturday past, 4th of June. It was the Silas Pierce Cup, and took place at Riverside Park in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The Wahoo’s also welcomed for the first time, 3  new ballists, it was good to have you with us Gentlemen.

An 8:30am match vs the very worthy hosts, The Kent Base Ball Club was the first of 3 games for the ballists from Royal Oak. The grass was a bit wet to start, and the ball quite hard and smooth. This made it tough for many of the Wahoo’s to handle, and many a muff was the result. The Kents also struck well, while a couple of the Wahoo’s  seemed half asleep. The final count here was 13 aces to 3, in favor of the Kents.

Striking against the Mariners

Up next, at 11am for the Royal Oak nine, was the Ludington Mariners.
The Wahoo’s were thin on players for this match, and had to “borrow” a player or 2 to play.

The 3 borrowed ballists, 2 from the Wheels, and 1 from the Kents, helped get us going, and the rest of the Wahoo’s came to life for this match. Fielding was also much better as well, and the Wahoo’s & “friends” out tallied the Mariners by a 9 – 3 count.

The very sunny, afternoon was now starting to heat up as all 12 Ball Clubs broke for a fine lunch. After lunch, a skills competition was held in a couple different areas. The Wahoo’s proudly boast that the winner of the “Farthest Strike” was Dan “Spatz” Holman !!  Huzzah to Spatz, a very well struck
ball indeed.

After being able to act as cranks for a bit, and watch a match from a lovely shady area. The Royal Oak Gentlemen had their 3rd and final match of the day. Next up were the Cubs from Fallasburg. Again, the Base Balls in this Tournament were a very hard variety, the ones used in the last 2 matches never softened up. It made knocking down a “hot” strike a little more

This match was a very close, back and forth type contest. Aces were harder to come by in the mid afternoon heat. The Wahoo’s tried to rally in their last turn to strike, but came up a bit short in a 7 – 5 final tally count. Their record for the day was 1 win, 2 losses, and 17 total aces scored.

The Cup champs survey the field...congrats to the Kents!

A fun and enjoyable day was had by all, and it was great seeing some new Clubs we don’t have the chance to watch or play against very often.  We  hope Flash recovers from his injury very soon. The Wahoo’s also salute the finest Base Ball Club of the day, and winner of the Silas Pierce Cup, the Kent Base Ball Club !! Huzzah Gentlemen !!



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