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A day out with the Old Golds

It was a pleasant afternoon on 11 June as the Wahoo Base Ball Club made their way northward to Saginaw for a match with the Old Golds. A fine crowd of cranks were at the field to enjoy the game.

Preacher to the bat

After losing the pre – match bat toss, the Wahoo Club from Royal Oak struck first. They wasted no time in tallying 4 aces in the 1st inning, then held the Home Gentlemen scoreless to take an early lead.  In the 2nd frame, the roles were drastically reversed, the Royal Oak nine were held without a tally, while the Old Golds struck well, and were helped by a couple muffs. Their ace count for the long inning was an impressive 10 spot.


The Wahoo’s played better in the field for the rest of the match, holding Saginaw to 1 ace for the 3rd & 4th inning, while

The scoreboard tells the tale

scoring 2 aces in the 4th for themselves to make it a 12 – 6 Old Golds lead. For the Visitors from Royal Oak, the lumber went silent again for their 5th, 6th, and 7th turn striking, while the Old Golds looked pretty young tallying 4 aces, then 5 , and
5 again in their 5th, 6th, & 7th turns respectively.


Credit has to go to the Royal Oak nine though for not giving up, as they plated 4 aces in the 8th inning. Unfortunately, and probably fortunately as well, that was the end of the scoring for both Clubs. The Final count was a humbling defeat for the Wahoo’s by a fine Saginaw group, 26 -10.

Wait 'til next time!

A  great meal and beverages were served by the “Lumber Baron”, the generous and friendly  proprietor of Heck’s Tavern. The Wahoo’s thank him and our very excellent hosts for their excellent hospitality, as always, it was much appreciated !


On 11 September, the Old Golds travel to Royal Oak for what the Wahoo’s hope is a different match outcome.


In the meantime the Royal Oak Gentlemen hope to get back on track in their next match back at Home vs the Northville Eclipse on 19 June, Fathers Day.


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