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This is how we play the game!

Base ball, especially before the Civil War, varied by location.  Over time rules became more similar until they were nationally defined in the 1860’s.  Our club has a long history that traces us back through several clubs on the West side of Michigan, and eventually back to the Ohio Village Muffins for some rule interpretations.  We believe that using varied rules is one area that makes the game of base ball particularly interesting, as we learn and adjust to new rules when we travel as well.  This list gives you our normal rules when we host a vintage base ball match in Royal Oak.  Enjoy!

1. Bound rule will be in effect.

     A. contact with the ground only will constitute a bound. Trees are fair balls. No bound till earth is struck.

     B. A bobbled ball is not considered bound as long as it is held and controlled before striking the ground.

2. No over run on 1st base unless conditions are poor. To be decided at game time by Captains.

3. 2 stride lead off until the ball leaves the pitchers hand.

4. Steal only on catchers muff. Two bounds or more will be a muff.

5. Ball must be delivered in a pitched fashion not hurled. The pitcher is obligated to deliver a hittable pitch. (No fast pitch softball)

6. A ball caught on the bound or in the air in foul territory is an out.

7. Defenders have the right of way in the baseline. Runners have a three foot range on either side of the baseline to avoid defenders.

     A. A runner that interferes with the defender making a play in the base line will be called out.

     B. Once the defender has the ball no contact with a runner will allow for safe. ie. You cannot charge the defender with the intention of knocking the ball loose with the expectation of being safe.

          1. accidental contact at the bases is unavoidable. Intent will be the determination of infraction.

8. An out of play ball is a live ball unless touched by a crank or rolls into street. Under these circumstances the runner will advance one base. The ball will be dead.

     A. The ball must be returned to the pitcher before a defensive play can continue.

     B. The pitcher can be anywhere on the field.

9. Runners advance at their own risk. Runners may tag up.

10. No arguing with the Umpire.

11. No singing. Just kidding Grangers. We love your pageantry

12. Modern batting order.

13. Modern fielding.

14. Fair foul striking is legal.

15. No sliding


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