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The 2012 season is underway!

Season Opener

   On this Saturday past,  5 May, the Wahoo Base Ball Club of Royal Oak, Michigan, officially opened its 9th Season.   Their 1st Match was being played on a beautiful, mild, mostly sunny day, in the lovely town of Wyandotte, not far from the Detroit River. There was a fair amount of Cranks out to take in the game on this very pleasant afternoon.

The Stars of Wyandotte were also opening their new Season this day, and chose to strike first after winning the flip of the 1865 coin. They struck the ball early and often, and without the bound rule being recognized this day, tallied 5 aces in the 1st inning, and 8 more in the 2nd. The visiting Wahoo’s scored 2 aces in their half of the 1st inning, but nothing in the 2nd for a 13-2 early lead for the Home Club.

In the Top of the 3rd the Royal Oak nines shined, with the help of 3 in field fly balls, and kept the Stars off the sacks. With some fine striking the Visitors tallied 2 more aces, leaving a couple runners  on the “bases”. With the Wahoo Out fielders playing further back to contain the Stars very well struck balls, they skillfully began to hit 1 bounders to the fielders instead.  This fine striking Club tallied 3 more aces in the 4th inning and 6 additional in the 5th frame. All the while keeping the Visitors in gray away from the tally bell, to open up a  22-4 margin after 5.

The Wahoo’s  still had hope of getting back in this match by trying to strike the ball hard and out of the in field. They tallied once in the 6th after stopping the Stars, but then surrendered 5 more aces in the 7th then getting 1 back. In the 8th inning, the Royal Oak Gents again showed some fine fielding, turning in a Triple Play ! Possibly the 1st in Wahoo history.

With Wyandotte runners gaining the 1st and 2nd sacks, a very Hot, rope of a ball was struck to the right fielder. A fine play was made in catching the sinking ball, then quickly thrown to the 1st sack tender to “double off” the runner going to 2nd. Then, for some unknown reason, the ball was thrown to the Hurler, who then threw the ball with a great amount of “ginger” to the 2nd sack tender, to “double off” the 2nd Stars runner.

       After this fine display of fielding, the Wahoos were given quite a lift for their 7th chance at the dish. Everyone came out striking the ball very well, and the entire batting order was gone through, and more as they rounded the sacks, and tallied 7 aces ! Trying to make it a scoreless last inning for Wyandotte, and to have another high tally inning. The Visitors allowed 3 aces, and came back with only 2 of their own, to complete this high tally match. The Final count being the Wyandotte Stars 30, the Wahoo Club of Royal Oak 15.

      For this Season Opening match, the Royal Oak Nine welcomed 2 new players: Bob “Red” Kossel, and Art “Cus” Serafinski.  Also recruited for this match, and possibly future ones, Dan “Traveler” Bejesky. A well played match Gentlemen !

The Wahoos also thank the Stars for a fine Match, excellent meal, and their generous hospitality. These 2 fine groups of Ballists meet again in September in Royal Oak, where the Wahoo’s will hope for a different outcome.



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