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Opening Day, 2013 Wahoo’s versue the Welkins of Port Huron

Welcome to the 10th year of the Wahoo’s Base Ball Club of Royal Oak. We opened our New Season on Saturday 5 May, by hosting our good friends, and very worthy opponents, the Welkins of Port Huron. It was also their 1st match of the year.


     It was a perfect Spring afternoon for Base Ball, a comfortable, sunshine filled day. The Home Club of Royal Oak took the field to start the match. The Welkins stuck the ball well, but the Wahoo’s also made a few “muffs”, having some trouble holding onto the “old onion”. The visitors tallied 5 aces to start. During Royal Oaks 1st turn at the dish, they also struck quite well, but they also had the aid of a couple “muffs” by the Welkins, and ended up tallying 3 aces.

     After the rust of the 1st inning of the Season wore off for both Clubs, some fine Base Ball was played. No aces were tallied in the 2nd inning, and the tally count remained 5 for Port Huron, and 3 for Royal Oak. In the 3rd & 4th innings, the Welkins were again kept away from Home Plate, while the Wahoo’s tallied 3 in the 3rd to earn a 6 to 5 aces lead after 4. The Royal Oak “9” had the chance to tally more than the 3 aces in the 3rd, but instead left 3 runners on the sacks after a rather amusing bungle had “Mudd Dogg” running from 1st sack to 2nd sack while the in fielders thoughts were with the runner at 3rd sack. Unfortunately, there was a “invisible” runner already on 2nd (Doc) and Mr. Dogg was tagged out to end any more chances this inning. A possible fine of 2 bits is pending, and a chuckle was had by all.

     The visitors evened the tally count with 1 in their 5th appearance at the dish, but the Wahoo’s once again scrounged up 3 more aces for the 3rd time in the match, to gain a 9 to 6 tally advantage through 5 frames. A highlight of the Home Gentlemens tallying in the 5th, was some fine “ginger” shown on the paths between the sacks by a Wahoo newcomer named Sparky. After a slight overtake of the 1st sack by Sparky, after a in field struck ball, the 1st sack tender, with the ball, was unable to chase down the runner, and no throw was going to get him at 2nd either. Huzzah !

      Neither of the Clubs rang the tally bell in the 6th inning, but the Welkins came up with 1 tally in their 7th turn striking, to tighten the count to 9 to 7, after keeping the Hosts away from the scorers table in their 7th. Fine fielding by both Clubs continued to make this a very exciting, close, and fun match.

      The Wahoo’s were playfully, rather rude hosts by not allowing Port Huron to tally in the 8th inning. Yet they managed to score 1 hard earned ace in their 8th, to make it a 10 to 7 Royal Oak advantage going into the last inning. The visiting Port Huron “9” came out striking well, swinging some fine Lumber. Their first 2 strikers in the 9th, both gained sacks safely. Then after 1 tally was counted, and with 1 hand down, a well struck ball was hit to the Wahoo’s left out fielder. “Hoosier,” also playing in his 1st match as a Royal Oak member. He made a very fine play, and held the ball on the 1st bound for the 2nd hand down of the inning. 1 or 2 tallys could’ve been counted without this hand down being gained. The Welkins managed to tally another ace to make the count 10 to 9, with 1 hand down still needed by the Host Club. With 2 runners still on the sacks for Port Huron, the last play of the match was finally made by the Wahoo’s, and they narrowly prevailed this time. The results could be very different when these 2 fine “9’s” meet again in Port Huron on 7 July.

      The Wahoo’s also introduced 2 other fine ballists, in their 1st Match this day. Some outstanding plays in the field and some well struck balls were made by “Doghouse” and “Digitty”. Welcome to the newest Wahoo’s ! Thanks also go out to the Honorable Mr. Gorman for his judging of the match, and the Home Scorekeeper, a gracious crank by the name of  “Keeper”. In appreciation by all for the excellent post match meal, Thank You as well to Mrs. “Sawdust”, Hollie Utley, and her Mother for everything they do to make every Wahoo meal a great success ! Huzzah to you !!



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