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On this Saturday past…18th day of the Month of May, 2013

On this Saturday past, the Wahoo Base Ball Club made a wagon ride to the Town of Brooklyn, Michigan. In their 1st road match of the season, they met up with the Walker Tavern Wheels at their very unique, and Historic site.

    It was a beautiful afternoon, and it was nice to see a good amount of cranks come out to enjoy the day with us. After winning the bat toss, the Wahoo’s chose to take the field to start.

     The Wheels wasted little time in striking well, and tallying 3 aces in their 1st Home match of the year. They then kept the Royal Oak Gentlemen off the board to finish out the opening inning. It got worse, fast, for the Wahoo’s as the Home Club uncorked a few long strikes in the 2nd. Also helped by a muff or two, they scored 7 aces. For their 2nd chance at striking, the Wahoo’s lumber woke up a bit, and they were able to cross the dish twice, but trailed by a 10 – 2  count after 2 innings.                            

      To also be fair to the Visitors from Royal Oak in their 1st time ever playing at the Walker Tavern Field, its uniqueness can get frustrating rather quickly. The Wheels best struck balls were in to, or near, a pair of very tall, and big Spruce trees that were entirely in play in the Center out field. Besides this, they sat near the top of a fairly steep hill. The Home team is likely well drilled in taking advantage of their fields character, and the benefits that come with.

       For the rest of the match, the Wahoo’s played much better in the field, as the Wheels continued to strike well. Some fine efforts were made particularly by the Wahoo’s out field ballists, Sparky, Mallet, and newcomer, Cranky. The path to the home dish became less traveled for the Gents of Adrian, as they were held to 1 ace in the 3rd inning, 3 in the 4th, and finally kept off the board in the 5th. The Wahoo’s scrounged a tally in the 4th, as the Wheels continued to be very stingy in the field, making some outstanding efforts. The tally count after 5 was 14 – 3.

       In their 6th chance at the dish, the Walker Tavern Club put the first couple strikers on the sacks. Then one of their best men with a Wagon spoke, struck a ball about as far as this scribe has ever seen one fly. It cleared the tops of both trees in the center field, nearly landing in the yard of the Old Tavern. This cleared the sacks, and the Wheels counted another 3 tallys. The Wahoo’s were  unable to tally in the 6th and 7th innings, despite puting a couple men on the sacks each time.

        After holding the hosts to 1 tally in the 8th frame, it looked like the Royal Oaker’s were looking to tally a larger crooked number. But despite some fine striking, the Tavern men turned in more fine plays, to get the 3 hands down, which left a couple Wahoo’s on the sacks. They did manage to tally 3 in the inning for a 18 – 6 short end.

       Once again the Wheels were held to just 1 ace in the final inning, but the Visitors were unable to put together another charge in their last chance, and the Match mercifully ended. Final Count: Wheels 19, Wahoo’s 6.

       Even though this match was a bit lop sided, fun was had by all, and the Wahoo’s always enjoy seeing and challenging our good friends the Walker Tavern Wheels. A fine post match meal was served, as well as some versing. Thanks to our fine Hosts !

       The Wahoo’s look forward to next taking on the Wheels in Royal Oak, on 25 August. We will also see them at the Silas Pierce Cup in Grand Rapids late next week.





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