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Memorial Day 2013 Match, Wahoo’s, Dexter Union, and Chelsea Monitors

The Wahoo’s Base Ball Club, and the town of Royal Oak had the pleasure of hosting our good friends the Dexter Union, and the Chelsea Monitors, this past Memorial Day. Of course, the reason for the Holiday is to remember our Veterans, especially those that made the Ultimate Sacrifice. God Bless you all.

     For the 3 Base Ball Clubs, the day started with the privilege of marching in the Memorial Day Parade, with many Veterans, and others showing their respect to those that have served our Country.
     By early afternoon, all the Ballists gathered at Starr – Jaycee Park, and the 3 team Gatling Gun Style Match commenced under mostly cloudy skies. There was also a very good showing of Cranks to take in the unique contest, they were all appreciated by the Gents that came to play.
     To start out the match, the host Club Wahoo’s were not involved, as the Chelsea Monitors struck first vs the Dexter Union, who took the field. In this match, which can be confusing, each Club strikes, and fields against each of the other 2 “Nines”, 4 different times.
      Each of the 3 teams tallied in the first 3 innings. The count of aces after the 3rd frame was very close: Chelsea 4, Dexter 3, and Royal Oak 2.
In the 4th trip to the dish for the 3 Clubs, the Monitors struck well again, ringing the tally bell 4 times, and the Union skedaddled home 3 more scores. The host Wahoo’s were held to an absence of aces to fall further behind by a count of Chelsea 8, Dexter 6, and Royal Oak 2.
      The 5th, 6th & 7th inning cooled off the Chelsea Club as they were held without anyone rounding the sacks for 2 of 3 chances, getting 1 tally in the 7th inning. The Dexter Union really swung the lumber well, and took the lead in the match with a 6 tally 5th, 2 more in the 6th, and 4 bell rings in their 7th to take the lead by a 9 ace count. The Royal Oaker’s were having trouble most of the afternoon bringing runners around, and were only able to score 1 ace each in these same 3 innings.
       Going into each Clubs final chance striking, the Dexter Gents held a commanding 9 score lead over Chelsea. The count being: 18 to 9, to the Wahoo’ 5 aces. In the last inning, the Wahoo’s posted a Goose egg, to end their less than average striking afternoon with only 5 tallies. The red hot Union Club continued to be relentless, in a gentlemanly way, by bringing 3 more aces home to expand the gap over Chelsea to 12. With the scads of aces the Union had scored, most everyone was certain that they had put the match away. They just needed to get 3 hands down in a face to face last chance at the strikers line for the Monitor 9.
      The Gentlemen from Chelsea came out striking well, and were not going down without a fight it appeared. A couple aces here, and a couple more there, without a hand down, and the match was suddenly not out of reach for Honest Jons Club. More strikers gained the sacks, and more aces were tallied, now with 2 hands down. With the tally count  advantage now only 3 for Dexter, they had to get 1 more hand down somehow. Just when it looked very possible that the Monitors would come even in ace count, the Union got the last hand down, with a couple Chelsea boys on the paths to end the match. What an exciting surge by the Monitors, as they never gave up, but hats were off to The Dexter Union for holding them off, and finishing the Match with a 21 ace count to the Monitors 18, with the Wahoo’s being very gracious hosts and only tallying 5.
     A few post match Ales were enjoyed by members of all 3 Clubs, as they looked forward to seeing each other again soon. Huzzah to all 3 Clubs, and to all that had a part in making it happen.


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