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Van Hoosening we will go (June , 2013)

13 September 2013

The Wahoo’s made their annual short wagon ride out to Van Hoosen Farm in beautiful Rochester on Saturday 8 June. Awaiting their arrival were the Grangers, on their Home field. It was somewhat unusual to be out in Rochester for a match between these 2 Clubs, and not having it raining, or at least threatening skies, as had been the case in the last few years.

      To the delight of the fine turnout of cranks, the match was ready to begin. With the Grangers in white uniforms, winning the coin toss, they prepared to strike first. … And strike they did, tallying 4 aces in their 1st turn at the dish. The Wahoo’s of Royal Oak answered with 1 of their own. In the 2nd inning, the Visitors played some fine defense, and kept the Grangers off the tally sheet. Then they brought 2 more sack runners around to score, and should have had a couple more, but instead left some gents on the base paths. It was a close match, with Rochester having the slight advantage 4 aces to 3.

       More fine defense, was played by both Clubs in the 3rd frame, especially without the Bound Rule in effect for this match. The only tally was the 1 plated by the Grangers to make it a 5 to 3 ace count. Starting off the 4th inning, the first 2 Home strikers gained 1st, and 2nd sack respectively. As the Grangers Captain, “Moonlight”  strode to the dish for his turn, he called for a brief pause in play to address all in attendance, but particularly the Wahoo’s in the field. He proceeded to recite a heartfelt verse of thanks, respect, and sportsmanship to the Visiting ballists from Royal Oak. The acting Wahoo’s Captain, “Hopalong” expressed his Clubs thanks, and appreciation for such a tribute, by a truly fine Gentleman of the game.

        As nice as Moonlight’s words were, his lumber, and that of the rest of the Rochester Nines, spoke quite the opposite. The Grangers went on a striking assault not ever seen by this writer. They had tallied 6 aces before the 1st hand down was obtained, and went on to ring the bell a total of 13 times in the inning ! It was a fine display of striking, and well placed balls landing in the open field. Many of the Wahoo’s thought they would never get off the field, or strike again. They were held without in their 4th inning and the Rochester advantage was now at 18 aces to 3. In utter jest, it seemed to some that the Gentlemanly verbage from the Grangers Captain was possibly a “hex” of some kind, as certainly all heck broke loose soon after. A mere coincidence I’m sure.

        For the rest of the match, it was back to a very closely played contest, with outstanding plays on both sides. In the last 5 Innings, the Wahoos tallied 4 more aces, to the Grangers 5 . It was largely the “endless inning” that changed this otherwise evenly played game, into a final ace count of 23 for Rochester, to 7 by Royal Oak. But as always, a fine match against a great group of Gentlemen, and superb Ballists, that is the Grangers !

       The Wahoo’s thank the Grangers, and Van Hoosen Farm for their 1st class hospitality, including an excellent post match meal, some Cap jewelry, (pins) and some vittles to go. We wish the Rochester Nine a fine season, and we look forward to seeing them again soon.




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