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Labor Day weekend camping and Ohio Cup, Sept 2013

13 September 2013


A very enjoyable couple of days with some fine Gentlemen, from our Club, The Chelsea Monitors, and the Welkins of Port Huron, as well as “Keeper” (Colette) Camping out near Columbus, Ohio. Thanks to Stains for “MCing” the Campfires both nights: 1st night) “How did you get into Vintage Base Ball” and your Base Ball background. Made for some great stories, and Beverage consumption. 2nd night theme) Favorite Experience at Tiger Stadium, which then parlayed into a very challenging Tigers / Baseball Trivia evening. Kent Hrbek was the answer to most questions. Then of course the Base Ball matches for the 2 days. The Wahoo’s did very well again, going 3 Wins, 2 losses, and another Tie again due to time limits. The 2 loses were by a 1-0, and 6-4 tally count. The Wins were quite close also, 5-3, 8-3, and 5-3 again. The Tie was against the same Club we tied 2 years ago at the Ohio Cup, The Addison Mountain Stars of Pennsylvania. The Ace count was 4-4. We thank the Ohio Historical Society, The Ohio Muffins Base Ball Club, and many others for being such fine hosts. We had a fine Meal on Saturday evening at the Ohio Village as well. Huzzah to my good friends on the Wahoo’s, and to everyone at the Ohio Cup Tournament !! I hope the injuries suffered by a couple of us are healed quickly, particularly to Dog House and Legs. Most of the rest of us are hopefully just kind of sore, and tired today. Take care, its a pleasure knowing you ALL.


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