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A lovely day in June…for match #4!

Wahoos in the field facing the Welkin striker

13 June. The day of the Base Ball match was saved by the absence of rain, even though it was thought to be likely. It remained cloudy, yet with a pleasant temperature for the host Wahoo’s of Royal Oak, and their gentlemanly opponents, the Welkins of Port Huron, who had just made a long wagon ride.

      The Welkins tallied first with 1 ace in the 1st inning, after that it was the Wahoo’s strikers that rang the tallykeepers bell repeatedly, scoring at least 2 aces in every inning through 5. The game was well played by both Clubs, but the Wahoo’s struck balls fell much more often to the open green grassy areas, and bounded and rolled as safe hits.  It could be called a

The striking was excellent for the Wahoos

relentless team effort by all on the Royal Oak Club. Outstanding plays in the field were made by both teams, but the most, and most remarkable plays were made by “Mallet” Hauer, the Wahoo’s behind, who grasped many a foul ticks.

      The guests from Port Huron also tallied 1 ace in each the 7th & 9th inning, but it was not nearly enough to close the gap to a final accounting that stretches the bounds of tasteful reportage. Both of these fine Clubs will meet again on 11 July, in Port Huron, where the results could be much different.


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