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Gatling Gun tourney welcomes Wahoos!

In Northville, all the details are taken care of

   The Wahoo’s of Royal Oak had the privilege of playing in a “Gatling Gun” style Tournament with 3 other Clubs on Sunday, 25 July. (Each team plays 2 innings in the field, and strikes 2 innings against each of the 3 other Clubs. Team with highest total of tallys wins.) The fine host team was the Northville Eclipse, who did a wonderful job of putting on this event. The Walker Tavern Wheels of Adrian, and the Welkins of Port Huron were the other very worthy opponents for the day.

    A very good turnout of “cranks” came out to watch on this warm, muggy afternoon. The field was very rain soaked, and soggy from the early morning drenching, but it did not deter from the fun had by all.
   The event started with a couple Base Ball skills displays, fastest fleet of foot, and farthest hurl. 2 players from each

Splinter races the bases in the skill competition

Club participated in each contest. The Wahoo’s representatives did very well running the sacks,”Honest Jon” Van Hoek and “Splinter” Stein taking 2nd & 3rd very respectively in just over 17 seconds, only a tenth or 2, of a second off the lead !! “Spatz” Holman and “Mallet” Hauer did very well in the farthest hurl event. Huzzah to all, especially our 4 fine ballists !

    Wahoo strikers started out a bit slowly, but played very well in the field throughout the day. The lumber came to life in time, and the visitors from Royal Oak were able to keep pace with the leaders half way through the match, with 7 or 8 aces tallied.
    In the 2nd half of innings, the Wahoo’s and Walker Tavern Wheels separated themselves in the lead from the other 2 “nines”. As fate would have it, with the Wheels leading by 1

Honest Jon strikes well for the Wahoos

tally, 15-14, had the chance to strike against the Wahoo’s in the 3rd to last inning, to increase their lead. The Wahoo’s got 3 hands down from the first 3 strikers, to end their scoring. Then on the very last inning of the Tournament, the Royal Oak Club would be striking against the Wheels with the match on the line. The leadoff striker reached 1st sack, thanks to the umpires safe ruling. The next striker hit a pop up to short right field, that was caught on a fine play by the 2nd sack tender, the runner on 1st sack was anticipating the hit to fall safely, and had a good lead off 1st as well. He was doubled off to complete a unfortunate 2 hands down play. The Wahoo’s got their next striker on first sack again, but the Tournament ended with a hurl to 1st, on a fine play on a fair-foul strike. The Wheels came away with a very hard fought, exciting victory, as well as winning the 2 Skills events.

Three clubs share a hay bale during the Gatling Gun match

    A wonderful meal was provided by the excellent host Eclipse at their very Historic Mill Race Village in Northville. Thank you to the Eclipse for being such fine hosts.        
   Aces tallied by all the Clubs are below, fun was had by all !! Photos are the courtesy of Jim “Chops” Fisher of the Welkins. Thanks Jim.
    Walker Tavern Wheels of Adrian   15
    Wahoo’s of Royal Oak                    14
    Northville Eclipse                            8
    Welkins of Port Huron                     4


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