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July 31 match summary!

   The Wahoo’s of Royal Oak traveled to Wyandotte this day, 31 July to face their very worthy and fine hosts the Stars. It was an overcast sky, with a pleasant temperature and breeze in the air. The bound rule for a hands down was not in effect for this match, according to the rules of 1867.

Grass Stains helps bring the Wahoos back

    It was another slow start for the Wahoo’s at the plate, as they found themselves down 8-0 after 3 innings. They finally tallied 1 ace in the 4th, 2 in the 5th, and 1 again in the 6th, but found themselves further behind at 16-4 after 6 innings. The Stars struck well but were also aided my a very unusual amount, and type of muffs by the visitors, perhaps due to the cloudy skies. Then the lumber really woke up and the visitors from Royal Oak tallied 8, then held the Stars to none in the 7th inning. The Wahoo’s closed the gap further with 3 aces in the 8th, making the score 16-15 ! The Stars, getting quite concerned at this point, managed to tally 3 in their turn to strike in the 8th making it 19-15 going into the last inning.

    The Wahoo’s were unable to tally anything in their last chance to strike, and the final tally remained 19-15 in favor of the Wyandotte Stars. It turned out to be a very entertaining match, and we thank the Stars

The Wahoos work on their strategy in the match...and rest too.

for being such excellent hosts. These 2 fine Clubs will meet again on Saturday, 28 August at the Southfield Autumn Festival, at the Southfield Civic Center. C’mon out to watch this rematch.


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