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8 August Match Summary – Not pretty !

    After a long and grueling wagon ride to Saginaw, including a mishap on the road that caused members of the Wahoo’s to be late for the match, the game got its start on 8 August.

The game gets underway

    It was another warm and muggy day but a beautiful setting for a match between The Wahoo’s of Royal Oak vs the Old Golds of Saginaw. The visitors took an early lead in the 1st inning, tallying 2 aces, the Old Golds countered with 3 in  the 2nd to take the lead. Royal Oak put 1 ace on the board in both the 3rd & 4th innings to regain the lead 4-3. After this point, it was all the Home clubs day, as they convincingly avenged a loss to the Wahoo’s earlier this season.
   Saginaw tallied 7 in the 4th, and 4 in their 5th inning to pull ahead 14-5. They struck very well, and often, many of the balls hit the hard ground sharply enough , and over the out-fielders, to enable many 2 sack hits, as well as a couple 4 sack hits. The Royal Oak club left many a player on the sacks, and could not get a good scoring inning together because of this. In their 5th inning at bat, they had the sacks loaded with No hands

"Victory shall be ours!"

down, but tallied only 1 time. A couple untimely double plays by Saginaw ended 2 other innings as well. Saginaw finished off their long striking opportunities with 7 more aces in both the 7th and 8th innings. The Final count mercifully ended at 29-6 in favor of Saginaw.

     The highlight of the day for the Wahoo’s was a fine meal and beverage, provided courtesy of the fine owner of Heck’s Tavern, and of course, the Old Golds. We thank you very much !


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