Sylvania Ohio for Match with the Great Black Swamp Frogs, July 2013

13 September 2013

The Wahoo’s of Royal Oak did not prevail on Sunday, but enjoyed the day and our Base Ball match with our very worthy opponents, the Great Black Swamp Frogs of Sylvania, Ohio. They, and the Lutheran Home of Toledo were once again very fine hosts. Thank you for your hospitality, it was much appreciated ! The Wahoo’s welcomed 2 players that made their Vintage Base Ball debut in fine style in Toledo. Thanks go out to “Beaner”, who is also the very 1st young lady to play for our Club, and “Long John” her courting partner. Both played very well, and beyond all expectations ! We hope to see you at more of our matches in the future.

Mansfield, Ohio June 23rd 2013

13 September 2013

After a rather long wagon ride, on Sunday, 23rd of June past, the Wahoo Base Ball Club of Royal Oak arrived in Mansfield, Ohio. They were there for 2 matches, to be played in the shadow of the strangely beautiful, yet haunting 100 year old Ohio State State Reformatory.

        It was a warm afternoon, and getting warmer. The shade of the trees along the 1st sack line, gave a break from the heat to ballists from 3 Clubs, as well as a fine showing of cranks. The host Mansfield Independents graciously allowed the Wahoo’s to play the 1st of the 3 scheduled matches. The Alliance Cross Rails, in their sharp Scarlet and Gray uniforms, provided the challenge for the Royal Oak Nine.

        The Rails started off with 3 tallies in their first chance striking, the Wahoo’s followed with 2 aces to keep it a close contest after 1 inning. With some more fine striking, the Alliance Gents brought around another 4 scores before 3 hands down could be collected against them. Not wanting to fall further behind, the Michigan Visitors also struck well and tallied 4 aces of their own. This kept the match close with the 7 to 6 advantage staying in the Cross Rails favor after 2 frames.

        Some fine Royal Oak fielding held the Rails to 1 tally in the 3rd, but the Wahoo’s were unable to plates any runners in their 3rd, and 4th chance at the dish. Meanwhile, the “CR’s” opened up their lead with 5 well earned aces to make the tally count 13 to 6 through 4 frames.

        Again, some well held one bound strikes by the Wahoo out – field, prevented the men in Red from scoring more than 1, the Royal Oakers needed a big inning now, to get back in this match, but also due to more fine plays in the field, they could only score 1 as well. The Cross Rails continued their well placed strikes, and rang the tally bell 3 more times in their 6th chance. In their last chance at the dish, the Wahoo’s were unable to score, and the match ended with the Alliance Club’s 17 aces, to the Royal Oak Gents 7. A well played contest by all, and the Wahoo’s appreciated the Independents loaning Doc to them. He had a well played match.


Match 2


        After a 15 minute period for some much needed refreshment, the Club from Royal Oak was as ready as they were going to be, to take on the host Mansfield Independents fine Gentlemen. The Cross Rails were able to join the cranks in the shade, and watch the 2nd challenge of the day.

       Not sure if the heat of the day was really getting to the Wahoo’s, or if the fresh legs of the Mansfield Club was any help, but the Independents came out striking very well as they led off the contest. Seemed like every struck ball was perfectly placed by the Gents in their white uniforms. After what seemed like most of the afternoon, 3 hands down were finally gained against the Independents. The Wahoo’s were unable to tally anything, and the hosts had an early 7 to 0 advantage after only 1 inning.

       Some fine fielding kept the Mansfield Nine away from the Scorers table in the 2nd frame, while the Visitors were able to get 3 tallys. The count was now 7 to 3. Continuing the well held catches, especially by the “loaner” ballist from the Cross Rails, the visitors once again prevented any Independents from crossing the dish. Everyone on the Wahoo’s resumed striking well in their 3rd chance, and rang the tally bell another 3 times to get back in the match, now trailing by only 1 score. 7 to 6.

      The 4th inning was a scoreless one for both Clubs, due mainly to the continued fine play in the field. Mansfield was able to get a runner to gain the 2nd sack in their 5th inning, with only 1 hand down. The next striker hit a high 1 bound ball back to the Royal Oak hurler. The ol’ onion was held on the single bound to get the hand down on the striker, then a throw was made to the 3rd sack tender, who then put the tag on the runner. This finished the double play, and the inning for the Independents, the fourth such inning in a row without a tally. The Wahoo’s had a very tough time scoring as well, against the Home Gents fine defense. However they were able to scratch out 1 ace in their 5th at bat to tie the tally count at 7.

       To start the 6th inning, the Mansfield Nine was once again able to get a couple men on the base paths. But once again, and for the 5th frame in a row, no Independents were able to ring the tally bell. With the match winding down, the Royal Oakers  wanted desperately to break the even score. They went to work with their lumber, and the first 2 strikers gained the 1st and 3rd sacks. Two more well struck balls later, and the Wahoo’s had 2 aces to show for it. After 6 exciting innings of play, the visitors in Gray and Navy Blue had battled back, and now had a 2 tally advantage going into the final frame. 9 tallies to 7.

       The Mansfield Club had no intention of giving up in this match. Their strikers found openings in the field, and in the blink of an eye, had 2 runners on the sacks. The next striker gained 1st base, with a well struck ball to the out field, the lead Gent on the paths was able to tally, but another runner was tagged out for the 1st hand down of the 7th inning. It was now a 9 to 8 ace count when the next striker stepped to the line. After a couple hurled pitches did not suit the striker, he did swing and hit the next pitch for a “hot daisy cutter” to the rover on the left side. A fine play was made to get the ball, and make a quick hurl to the

 2nd sack tender to gain a forced 2nd hand down on the runner. With no time to spare, a fine throw was in turn made to the 1st sack tender, the ball was well held, and the striker was called for the 3rd hand down. The match ended on another fine double play by the Wahoo’s.

       Both Clubs played very well, and it was one of the most exciting matches this writer had witnessed in some time. The 3rd and final match of this very warm afternoon was also a very exciting, well played, and even match. The Independents were able to edge out the Cross Rails in the final frame. All 3 Clubs had prevailed in 1 match, and come up short of aces in the other.

      A fine job was done by the Umpire in judging all the matches, and thanks also to the tally keeper. Many thanks go out to the fine hosts of Mansfield for allowing us to partake in a afternoon of Gentlemanly Base Ball, on such a Historic site. It was a pleasure in meeting the Alliance Cross Rails, and once again seeing our friends the Independents. We look forward to another fine match or 2 with you next season, and we will see you in Columbus for the Ohio Cup on Labor Day weekend.




Van Hoosening we will go (June , 2013)

13 September 2013

The Wahoo’s made their annual short wagon ride out to Van Hoosen Farm in beautiful Rochester on Saturday 8 June. Awaiting their arrival were the Grangers, on their Home field. It was somewhat unusual to be out in Rochester for a match between these 2 Clubs, and not having it raining, or at least threatening skies, as had been the case in the last few years.

      To the delight of the fine turnout of cranks, the match was ready to begin. With the Grangers in white uniforms, winning the coin toss, they prepared to strike first. … And strike they did, tallying 4 aces in their 1st turn at the dish. The Wahoo’s of Royal Oak answered with 1 of their own. In the 2nd inning, the Visitors played some fine defense, and kept the Grangers off the tally sheet. Then they brought 2 more sack runners around to score, and should have had a couple more, but instead left some gents on the base paths. It was a close match, with Rochester having the slight advantage 4 aces to 3.

       More fine defense, was played by both Clubs in the 3rd frame, especially without the Bound Rule in effect for this match. The only tally was the 1 plated by the Grangers to make it a 5 to 3 ace count. Starting off the 4th inning, the first 2 Home strikers gained 1st, and 2nd sack respectively. As the Grangers Captain, “Moonlight”  strode to the dish for his turn, he called for a brief pause in play to address all in attendance, but particularly the Wahoo’s in the field. He proceeded to recite a heartfelt verse of thanks, respect, and sportsmanship to the Visiting ballists from Royal Oak. The acting Wahoo’s Captain, “Hopalong” expressed his Clubs thanks, and appreciation for such a tribute, by a truly fine Gentleman of the game.

        As nice as Moonlight’s words were, his lumber, and that of the rest of the Rochester Nines, spoke quite the opposite. The Grangers went on a striking assault not ever seen by this writer. They had tallied 6 aces before the 1st hand down was obtained, and went on to ring the bell a total of 13 times in the inning ! It was a fine display of striking, and well placed balls landing in the open field. Many of the Wahoo’s thought they would never get off the field, or strike again. They were held without in their 4th inning and the Rochester advantage was now at 18 aces to 3. In utter jest, it seemed to some that the Gentlemanly verbage from the Grangers Captain was possibly a “hex” of some kind, as certainly all heck broke loose soon after. A mere coincidence I’m sure.

        For the rest of the match, it was back to a very closely played contest, with outstanding plays on both sides. In the last 5 Innings, the Wahoos tallied 4 more aces, to the Grangers 5 . It was largely the “endless inning” that changed this otherwise evenly played game, into a final ace count of 23 for Rochester, to 7 by Royal Oak. But as always, a fine match against a great group of Gentlemen, and superb Ballists, that is the Grangers !

       The Wahoo’s thank the Grangers, and Van Hoosen Farm for their 1st class hospitality, including an excellent post match meal, some Cap jewelry, (pins) and some vittles to go. We wish the Rochester Nine a fine season, and we look forward to seeing them again soon.



Memorial Day 2013 Match, Wahoo’s, Dexter Union, and Chelsea Monitors

10 June 2013

The Wahoo’s Base Ball Club, and the town of Royal Oak had the pleasure of hosting our good friends the Dexter Union, and the Chelsea Monitors, this past Memorial Day. Of course, the reason for the Holiday is to remember our Veterans, especially those that made the Ultimate Sacrifice. God Bless you all.

     For the 3 Base Ball Clubs, the day started with the privilege of marching in the Memorial Day Parade, with many Veterans, and others showing their respect to those that have served our Country.
     By early afternoon, all the Ballists gathered at Starr – Jaycee Park, and the 3 team Gatling Gun Style Match commenced under mostly cloudy skies. There was also a very good showing of Cranks to take in the unique contest, they were all appreciated by the Gents that came to play.
     To start out the match, the host Club Wahoo’s were not involved, as the Chelsea Monitors struck first vs the Dexter Union, who took the field. In this match, which can be confusing, each Club strikes, and fields against each of the other 2 “Nines”, 4 different times.
      Each of the 3 teams tallied in the first 3 innings. The count of aces after the 3rd frame was very close: Chelsea 4, Dexter 3, and Royal Oak 2.
In the 4th trip to the dish for the 3 Clubs, the Monitors struck well again, ringing the tally bell 4 times, and the Union skedaddled home 3 more scores. The host Wahoo’s were held to an absence of aces to fall further behind by a count of Chelsea 8, Dexter 6, and Royal Oak 2.
      The 5th, 6th & 7th inning cooled off the Chelsea Club as they were held without anyone rounding the sacks for 2 of 3 chances, getting 1 tally in the 7th inning. The Dexter Union really swung the lumber well, and took the lead in the match with a 6 tally 5th, 2 more in the 6th, and 4 bell rings in their 7th to take the lead by a 9 ace count. The Royal Oaker’s were having trouble most of the afternoon bringing runners around, and were only able to score 1 ace each in these same 3 innings.
       Going into each Clubs final chance striking, the Dexter Gents held a commanding 9 score lead over Chelsea. The count being: 18 to 9, to the Wahoo’ 5 aces. In the last inning, the Wahoo’s posted a Goose egg, to end their less than average striking afternoon with only 5 tallies. The red hot Union Club continued to be relentless, in a gentlemanly way, by bringing 3 more aces home to expand the gap over Chelsea to 12. With the scads of aces the Union had scored, most everyone was certain that they had put the match away. They just needed to get 3 hands down in a face to face last chance at the strikers line for the Monitor 9.
      The Gentlemen from Chelsea came out striking well, and were not going down without a fight it appeared. A couple aces here, and a couple more there, without a hand down, and the match was suddenly not out of reach for Honest Jons Club. More strikers gained the sacks, and more aces were tallied, now with 2 hands down. With the tally count  advantage now only 3 for Dexter, they had to get 1 more hand down somehow. Just when it looked very possible that the Monitors would come even in ace count, the Union got the last hand down, with a couple Chelsea boys on the paths to end the match. What an exciting surge by the Monitors, as they never gave up, but hats were off to The Dexter Union for holding them off, and finishing the Match with a 21 ace count to the Monitors 18, with the Wahoo’s being very gracious hosts and only tallying 5.
     A few post match Ales were enjoyed by members of all 3 Clubs, as they looked forward to seeing each other again soon. Huzzah to all 3 Clubs, and to all that had a part in making it happen.

On this Saturday past…18th day of the Month of May, 2013

25 May 2013

On this Saturday past, the Wahoo Base Ball Club made a wagon ride to the Town of Brooklyn, Michigan. In their 1st road match of the season, they met up with the Walker Tavern Wheels at their very unique, and Historic site.

    It was a beautiful afternoon, and it was nice to see a good amount of cranks come out to enjoy the day with us. After winning the bat toss, the Wahoo’s chose to take the field to start.

     The Wheels wasted little time in striking well, and tallying 3 aces in their 1st Home match of the year. They then kept the Royal Oak Gentlemen off the board to finish out the opening inning. It got worse, fast, for the Wahoo’s as the Home Club uncorked a few long strikes in the 2nd. Also helped by a muff or two, they scored 7 aces. For their 2nd chance at striking, the Wahoo’s lumber woke up a bit, and they were able to cross the dish twice, but trailed by a 10 – 2  count after 2 innings.                            

      To also be fair to the Visitors from Royal Oak in their 1st time ever playing at the Walker Tavern Field, its uniqueness can get frustrating rather quickly. The Wheels best struck balls were in to, or near, a pair of very tall, and big Spruce trees that were entirely in play in the Center out field. Besides this, they sat near the top of a fairly steep hill. The Home team is likely well drilled in taking advantage of their fields character, and the benefits that come with.

       For the rest of the match, the Wahoo’s played much better in the field, as the Wheels continued to strike well. Some fine efforts were made particularly by the Wahoo’s out field ballists, Sparky, Mallet, and newcomer, Cranky. The path to the home dish became less traveled for the Gents of Adrian, as they were held to 1 ace in the 3rd inning, 3 in the 4th, and finally kept off the board in the 5th. The Wahoo’s scrounged a tally in the 4th, as the Wheels continued to be very stingy in the field, making some outstanding efforts. The tally count after 5 was 14 – 3.

       In their 6th chance at the dish, the Walker Tavern Club put the first couple strikers on the sacks. Then one of their best men with a Wagon spoke, struck a ball about as far as this scribe has ever seen one fly. It cleared the tops of both trees in the center field, nearly landing in the yard of the Old Tavern. This cleared the sacks, and the Wheels counted another 3 tallys. The Wahoo’s were  unable to tally in the 6th and 7th innings, despite puting a couple men on the sacks each time.

        After holding the hosts to 1 tally in the 8th frame, it looked like the Royal Oaker’s were looking to tally a larger crooked number. But despite some fine striking, the Tavern men turned in more fine plays, to get the 3 hands down, which left a couple Wahoo’s on the sacks. They did manage to tally 3 in the inning for a 18 – 6 short end.

       Once again the Wheels were held to just 1 ace in the final inning, but the Visitors were unable to put together another charge in their last chance, and the Match mercifully ended. Final Count: Wheels 19, Wahoo’s 6.

       Even though this match was a bit lop sided, fun was had by all, and the Wahoo’s always enjoy seeing and challenging our good friends the Walker Tavern Wheels. A fine post match meal was served, as well as some versing. Thanks to our fine Hosts !

       The Wahoo’s look forward to next taking on the Wheels in Royal Oak, on 25 August. We will also see them at the Silas Pierce Cup in Grand Rapids late next week.




Opening Day, 2013 Wahoo’s versue the Welkins of Port Huron

25 May 2013

Welcome to the 10th year of the Wahoo’s Base Ball Club of Royal Oak. We opened our New Season on Saturday 5 May, by hosting our good friends, and very worthy opponents, the Welkins of Port Huron. It was also their 1st match of the year.


     It was a perfect Spring afternoon for Base Ball, a comfortable, sunshine filled day. The Home Club of Royal Oak took the field to start the match. The Welkins stuck the ball well, but the Wahoo’s also made a few “muffs”, having some trouble holding onto the “old onion”. The visitors tallied 5 aces to start. During Royal Oaks 1st turn at the dish, they also struck quite well, but they also had the aid of a couple “muffs” by the Welkins, and ended up tallying 3 aces.

     After the rust of the 1st inning of the Season wore off for both Clubs, some fine Base Ball was played. No aces were tallied in the 2nd inning, and the tally count remained 5 for Port Huron, and 3 for Royal Oak. In the 3rd & 4th innings, the Welkins were again kept away from Home Plate, while the Wahoo’s tallied 3 in the 3rd to earn a 6 to 5 aces lead after 4. The Royal Oak “9” had the chance to tally more than the 3 aces in the 3rd, but instead left 3 runners on the sacks after a rather amusing bungle had “Mudd Dogg” running from 1st sack to 2nd sack while the in fielders thoughts were with the runner at 3rd sack. Unfortunately, there was a “invisible” runner already on 2nd (Doc) and Mr. Dogg was tagged out to end any more chances this inning. A possible fine of 2 bits is pending, and a chuckle was had by all.

     The visitors evened the tally count with 1 in their 5th appearance at the dish, but the Wahoo’s once again scrounged up 3 more aces for the 3rd time in the match, to gain a 9 to 6 tally advantage through 5 frames. A highlight of the Home Gentlemens tallying in the 5th, was some fine “ginger” shown on the paths between the sacks by a Wahoo newcomer named Sparky. After a slight overtake of the 1st sack by Sparky, after a in field struck ball, the 1st sack tender, with the ball, was unable to chase down the runner, and no throw was going to get him at 2nd either. Huzzah !

      Neither of the Clubs rang the tally bell in the 6th inning, but the Welkins came up with 1 tally in their 7th turn striking, to tighten the count to 9 to 7, after keeping the Hosts away from the scorers table in their 7th. Fine fielding by both Clubs continued to make this a very exciting, close, and fun match.

      The Wahoo’s were playfully, rather rude hosts by not allowing Port Huron to tally in the 8th inning. Yet they managed to score 1 hard earned ace in their 8th, to make it a 10 to 7 Royal Oak advantage going into the last inning. The visiting Port Huron “9” came out striking well, swinging some fine Lumber. Their first 2 strikers in the 9th, both gained sacks safely. Then after 1 tally was counted, and with 1 hand down, a well struck ball was hit to the Wahoo’s left out fielder. “Hoosier,” also playing in his 1st match as a Royal Oak member. He made a very fine play, and held the ball on the 1st bound for the 2nd hand down of the inning. 1 or 2 tallys could’ve been counted without this hand down being gained. The Welkins managed to tally another ace to make the count 10 to 9, with 1 hand down still needed by the Host Club. With 2 runners still on the sacks for Port Huron, the last play of the match was finally made by the Wahoo’s, and they narrowly prevailed this time. The results could be very different when these 2 fine “9’s” meet again in Port Huron on 7 July.

      The Wahoo’s also introduced 2 other fine ballists, in their 1st Match this day. Some outstanding plays in the field and some well struck balls were made by “Doghouse” and “Digitty”. Welcome to the newest Wahoo’s ! Thanks also go out to the Honorable Mr. Gorman for his judging of the match, and the Home Scorekeeper, a gracious crank by the name of  “Keeper”. In appreciation by all for the excellent post match meal, Thank You as well to Mrs. “Sawdust”, Hollie Utley, and her Mother for everything they do to make every Wahoo meal a great success ! Huzzah to you !!


2013 Season is on tap!

3 May 2013

After wading through this Spring in search of practice time, the real deal is here!  Come on out on Sunday, May 5 at 2PM for the first Wahoo match of the season.  Head to Starr Jaycee Park on 13 Mile Road in Royal Oak, find the southwest corner of the park, set up your lawn chair or blanket and enjoy base ball the way it is supposed to be played!  Bring a friend!

The 2012 season is underway!

10 May 2012

Season Opener

   On this Saturday past,  5 May, the Wahoo Base Ball Club of Royal Oak, Michigan, officially opened its 9th Season.   Their 1st Match was being played on a beautiful, mild, mostly sunny day, in the lovely town of Wyandotte, not far from the Detroit River. There was a fair amount of Cranks out to take in the game on this very pleasant afternoon.

The Stars of Wyandotte were also opening their new Season this day, and chose to strike first after winning the flip of the 1865 coin. They struck the ball early and often, and without the bound rule being recognized this day, tallied 5 aces in the 1st inning, and 8 more in the 2nd. The visiting Wahoo’s scored 2 aces in their half of the 1st inning, but nothing in the 2nd for a 13-2 early lead for the Home Club.

In the Top of the 3rd the Royal Oak nines shined, with the help of 3 in field fly balls, and kept the Stars off the sacks. With some fine striking the Visitors tallied 2 more aces, leaving a couple runners  on the “bases”. With the Wahoo Out fielders playing further back to contain the Stars very well struck balls, they skillfully began to hit 1 bounders to the fielders instead.  This fine striking Club tallied 3 more aces in the 4th inning and 6 additional in the 5th frame. All the while keeping the Visitors in gray away from the tally bell, to open up a  22-4 margin after 5.

The Wahoo’s  still had hope of getting back in this match by trying to strike the ball hard and out of the in field. They tallied once in the 6th after stopping the Stars, but then surrendered 5 more aces in the 7th then getting 1 back. In the 8th inning, the Royal Oak Gents again showed some fine fielding, turning in a Triple Play ! Possibly the 1st in Wahoo history.

With Wyandotte runners gaining the 1st and 2nd sacks, a very Hot, rope of a ball was struck to the right fielder. A fine play was made in catching the sinking ball, then quickly thrown to the 1st sack tender to “double off” the runner going to 2nd. Then, for some unknown reason, the ball was thrown to the Hurler, who then threw the ball with a great amount of “ginger” to the 2nd sack tender, to “double off” the 2nd Stars runner.

       After this fine display of fielding, the Wahoos were given quite a lift for their 7th chance at the dish. Everyone came out striking the ball very well, and the entire batting order was gone through, and more as they rounded the sacks, and tallied 7 aces ! Trying to make it a scoreless last inning for Wyandotte, and to have another high tally inning. The Visitors allowed 3 aces, and came back with only 2 of their own, to complete this high tally match. The Final count being the Wyandotte Stars 30, the Wahoo Club of Royal Oak 15.

      For this Season Opening match, the Royal Oak Nine welcomed 2 new players: Bob “Red” Kossel, and Art “Cus” Serafinski.  Also recruited for this match, and possibly future ones, Dan “Traveler” Bejesky. A well played match Gentlemen !

The Wahoos also thank the Stars for a fine Match, excellent meal, and their generous hospitality. These 2 fine groups of Ballists meet again in September in Royal Oak, where the Wahoo’s will hope for a different outcome.


This is how we play the game!

3 April 2012

Base ball, especially before the Civil War, varied by location.  Over time rules became more similar until they were nationally defined in the 1860’s.  Our club has a long history that traces us back through several clubs on the West side of Michigan, and eventually back to the Ohio Village Muffins for some rule interpretations.  We believe that using varied rules is one area that makes the game of base ball particularly interesting, as we learn and adjust to new rules when we travel as well.  This list gives you our normal rules when we host a vintage base ball match in Royal Oak.  Enjoy!

1. Bound rule will be in effect.

     A. contact with the ground only will constitute a bound. Trees are fair balls. No bound till earth is struck.

     B. A bobbled ball is not considered bound as long as it is held and controlled before striking the ground.

2. No over run on 1st base unless conditions are poor. To be decided at game time by Captains.

3. 2 stride lead off until the ball leaves the pitchers hand.

4. Steal only on catchers muff. Two bounds or more will be a muff.

5. Ball must be delivered in a pitched fashion not hurled. The pitcher is obligated to deliver a hittable pitch. (No fast pitch softball)

6. A ball caught on the bound or in the air in foul territory is an out.

7. Defenders have the right of way in the baseline. Runners have a three foot range on either side of the baseline to avoid defenders.

     A. A runner that interferes with the defender making a play in the base line will be called out.

     B. Once the defender has the ball no contact with a runner will allow for safe. ie. You cannot charge the defender with the intention of knocking the ball loose with the expectation of being safe.

          1. accidental contact at the bases is unavoidable. Intent will be the determination of infraction.

8. An out of play ball is a live ball unless touched by a crank or rolls into street. Under these circumstances the runner will advance one base. The ball will be dead.

     A. The ball must be returned to the pitcher before a defensive play can continue.

     B. The pitcher can be anywhere on the field.

9. Runners advance at their own risk. Runners may tag up.

10. No arguing with the Umpire.

11. No singing. Just kidding Grangers. We love your pageantry

12. Modern batting order.

13. Modern fielding.

14. Fair foul striking is legal.

15. No sliding

Interested in being a Wahoo?

22 February 2012

All are welcome for an informational meeting on Monday, February 27 at 7PM at Ye Olde Saloon in Royal Oak.  Come on out if you would like to know more about Vintage Base Ball and the Wahoo Base Ball Club of Royal Oak.  We have a busy schedule ahead for 2012 and we can tell you all about it.  Drop us a line or just drop by on Monday!

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